Client: BECo

Agency: TBWA London

BECo, a 166 year old social enterprise soap brand, invited employers across the country to #StealOurStaff. There are 1.1 million disabled people out of work in the UK. BECo are doing their bit – 80% of their staff have disabilities. The more soap they sell, the more jobs they create. But they believe every company could be doing more to reduce the disability employment gap. If their staff move onto bigger and better things, they can create more job opportunities for those who need it. This integrated campaign targeted those in a position to hire, and ranges from packaging, to social, TV and OOH.


Custom Typeface

Fused is a self initiated project that celebrates the coming together of pixel and geometric forms to create a typeface that is built on a symmetrical grid.

Client: HUN Wine

Agency: TBWA London

The HUN non-alcoholic social campaign positions the product as ‘the wine you drink after that last round and before the next round.’ “The wine that keeps you going all day and all night”. The brief was to make the wine look like the most exciting party drink on the market whilst ensuring the look and feel is relevant to the target audience.

Client: Omniwomen UK

Agency: TBWA London

The Omniwomen campaign celebrates outdated stereotypes of female leadership qualities previously unwelcome in the workplace, such as empathy, vulnerability, kindness and generosity, calling for everyone to celebrate these leadership qualities and ‘Bring Your Stereotype to Work’ to mark International Women’s Day.

Omniwomen UK are a global initiative dedicated to increasing the number, seniority and influence of women across the Omnicom network. The work promoted the group’s annual Omniwomen summit in 2020.

Working alongside fellow designer Luke McClure a total of nine stereotypes were brought to life in a series of posters. Four of these are showcased here. The posters appeared in and around the event, as well as nearby OOH poster sites.

Client: Ovarian Cancer Action

Agency: TBWA London

A worrying 90% of women are unable to name the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer. These are persistent bloating, abdominal pain, frequent weeing and stomach pain. The social campaign for Ovarian Cancer Action highlights these symptoms yet hides the message of cancer within them.

Animation by Luke McClure.

Client: adidas

Agency: TBWA London

The adidas London campaign sees both influencers and street cast Londoners curate and style adidas with a localised approach. The campaign featured 50 looks with over 700 executions covering an end-to-end experience spanning across OOH, video, social, CRM and the adidas app.

Client: Netflix

Agency: Martin London

The campaign for season four of Black Mirror aims to blur the lines between reality and the show itself. The public are exposed to a series of eerie, technology-based headlines. Some are real and some are based on Black Mirror plot lines, sparking conversation and debate around a campaign as subversive and thought-provoking as the show itself. The posters are unbranded and adopt a guerrilla like approach to the art direction.

Client: Plan B

Agency: Martin London

The No-Snow Globes were created for activists Plan B who launched a legal claim against the government for climate change inaction. We created snowless snow globes to give people a glimpse into what Christmas will look like if the UK Government doesn’t revise its 2050 carbon target. One was sent to Theresa May, and other globes were sent via social media to climate change deniers. Consumers were able to get their hands on the globes when they went on display at a dedicated stand at the Broadgate Christmas market.

The brief was to create a brand look for the globes. This included the design of the logo, packaging, website and market stall display.

Client: Think

Agency: AMV BBDO

The flyer campaign for Think aims to discourage clubbers from driving while under the influence of drugs. The flyers were given out in packs outside of nightclubs.

Client: MOBO

Agency: AMV BBDO

Press & poster campaign for the MOBO Awards. Of the two designs shown, ‘Microphone’ was chosen to go into production.

Client: Wrigley’s Extra

Agency: AMV BBDO

Football evokes many emotions in it’s many passionate fans and Wrigley’s Extra wanted to show how chewing their product could help fraught fans cope with the many stresses that build-up throughout the course of the game. Seven ads were designed for different football clubs to run in match-day programmes. Each one describes a famous ‘extra time’ moment.


Agency: AMV BBDO

Proactive poster campaign for Brighton based website,

Client: Drinkaware

Agency: AMV BBDO

The ‘Drinkaware’ campaign aims to encourage young adults to think more about their own drinking habits and learn to adopt a healthier and more responsible approach to alcohol.

Client: Museum of Childhood

Agency: AMV BBDO

The press campaign for Museum of Childhood highlights the important role toys play in children’s learning and future development.

Client: NOW

Agency: NOW

The brief was to rebrand the agency and the theme was to reflect the company’s mantra, ‘Stay Restless’. The idea was to create a logo that could change, evolve over time and never stand still. The end result was a logo that is constructed in parts with each individual element being used to contain different textures, patterns, colours and imagery.